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New Jersey is 1 of 2 states that will elect a governor and state legislature in 2017. Do more than read about New Jersey campaign issues. Define the issues by creating and voting for initiatives in PLANETCIVIC. Get action when newly elected officials take office. The time for civic engagement is now.


Who We Are

PLANETCIVIC is a free, non-partisan civic engagement platform that seeks to transform the way citizens interact with elected leaders and candidates. We also provide an opportunity for mission-driven organizations to gather a countable following of NJ residents behind a cause.

What We Do

We empower you to propose an idea for the betterment of New Jersey and rally votes for this idea from your network and ours. Our system demonstrates the number of REAL NJ residents in favor or against an idea, and this voting data can be used to persuade leaders to act.

What's Trending in PLANETCIVIC NJ Now

Implement “Fiscal Democracy”: Introduce a flat 10% personal NJ income tax and empower taxpayers to direct what programs their taxes fund

Do you have any idea how much money you are forced to pay New Jersey, your county, and municipality?  There are major taxe...

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Improve paid family leave. Modest tweaks would make a big difference

In 2008, New Jersey became the second state to adopt a paid family leave policy. Nearly a decade into the Family Leave Insuranc...

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Reduce property taxes by at least 15%

It takes over half of taxpayers 8-12 weeks to pay their property taxes. Property taxes have become the number #1 priority in th...

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