Our Mission

Helping Citizens Become Agents for Change

Do you wish you could find the time to be more civically engaged? Do you care deeply about an issue that affects New Jersey but feel consumed by the demands of work and family? We get it! State and local politics can be complicated and overwhelming, making it difficult for an ordinary citizen to figure out how to take action. PLANETCIVIC exists to help you quickly mobilize support for ideas you believe will make NJ better, so your voice is heard well before you go to the polls.

It all starts with what PLANETCIVIC calls "an initiative." In just minutes, you can publish your idea and seek support for your proposal from PLANETCIVIC members and your social networks, all through our real-time voting system. We know that the engine of democracy is numbers - and with PLANETCIVIC, you can prove that hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of community member sare behind your idea. You can also use the system to engage elected officials in the debate, or simply vote for or against other member's initiatives. Using PLANETCIVIC can turn an individual voice into a chorus of voices, so you can approach elected officials and other decision makers with a following behind you.

In 2017, New Jersey residents will cast their votes for a new governor, as well as for 40 State Senators and 80 State Assembly members. Now is the time to get educated, make your voice heard, and take action on the issues that matter to you.

PLANETCIVIC can help you lead New Jersey toward real progress, and you can get started with the click of a button.